Millington Municipal Schools offers a generous and competitive benefits package to employees who meet the eligibility requirements. New employees must enroll for benefits during their first 30 days of employment. Coverage generally begins the first of the month after one month of employment.

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Benefit Quick Links

Municipal Schools' Benefits (Shared Services)2016-17 Benefit Summary
2016-17 Open Enrollment Information

Approved benefits effective Sept 1, 2016


  • Changes to the Out of Pocket Max and Deductibles
  • Changes to Premiums

DENTAL – DELTA DENTAL (New Dental Carrier effective 09012016)

  • Lower premiums
  • EyeMed discount plan at no additional cost to the employee.
  • Largest independent dental insurance provider in the state


  • No change to premiums or benefits

LIFE INSURANCE – STANDARD (New Life Carrier effective 09012016)

  • Same Basic Life Benefits (2 times annual salary) paid by district

Voluntary Life

  • No loss of current coverage/ same rate currently paying
  • Can add up to lessor of 3 times earnings or $250,000 without Medical Questionnaire

Spouse Life

  • No loss of current coverage/same rate currently paying
  • Can add up to $20,000 without a Medical Questionnaire

Child Life

  • No loss of current coverage/same rate currently paying

Take advantage of this “onetime” opportunity to add additional life without Medical Questionnaire



  • Can add during this “onetime” Open Enrollment opportunity without Medical Questionnaire
  • Same low rates
  • Pays you 60% of your predisability earnings if you are out for medial reason for 180 days or longer.


  • Cancer
  • Critical Illness
  • ShortTerm Disability
  • Flexible Spending Account Medical/Dependent Childcare

o    Increased annual election amount to $2,550