Family Life Curriculum

Family Life Curriculum
Posted on 03/21/2018
Family Life Curriculum

Millington Municipal School District is planning to use the Michigan Model Family Life Curriculum as Millington schools have in the past.  The Michigan Model is a holistic abstinence-centered curriculum that provides students with age appropriate information on personal growth, development, wellness, personal hygiene, safety, and avoidance of health-related risky behaviors.  

This model has a curriculum for all grade levels, but the focus on family life takes place in grades 6-8 and 9-12.  This curriculum is incorporated into Health in grades 6-8 and the Wellness Course in the 9th grade.  Some aspects of human growth and development are taught by our Elementary Science Teachers as required by Tennessee Health Education Standards.

MMSD staff who provide this education to our students receive training by the State Department of Education.

MMSD will provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to review the Family Life Curriculum, with curriculum highlights, guidance, and links to Tennessee Educational Standards being available for review at our Family Resource Center March 20-30, 2018.   The Curriculum Books and support materials are also available at the schools for review. 

In addition, parents/guardians who do not wish for their child to participate will be given the opportunity to indicate their intent to have their child “opt out” from the program.  

We will report back to the School Board after the review period for any needed discussion and approval.