MMSD All Virtual School Signup

MMSD All Virtual School Signup
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Hello Millington Family!

This is a survey asking if you’d like to opt in to an all virtual option for your child to attend school in the upcoming school year. MMSD plans to offer parents who may have reservations on sending their child back to school an alternative to "in person" instruction. This option would be an all virtual option in which students would stay at home and learn through a self-paced all virtual platform 5 days a week. Students and parents would have access to TN State standards, access to high quality instructional materials, weekly access to a TN certified teacher, access to a computer/tablet to take home, and a hotspot to connect the computer/tablet to the Internet. We do ask that any student that opts in to the virtual option remains in this option for the entire semester. Our virtual school program will be highly monitored by TN certified teachers. Instances in which students are not making adequate progress will be required to attend school in person to ensure satisfactory academic progress. By choosing the MMSD all virtual option within the Online Registration process you will be enrolling your student into the Millington Municipal Schools virtual school. Virtual school will begin 8/10/2020 and more information will be sent out to families who are interested in this option.

So what are my options???

More information about the in person hybrid option and the all virtual option can be found here:

~! NOTE !~ You will still need to complete the Online Registration process in Skyward for the 2020-2021 school year regardless the option you choose.

Online Registration Info can be found here: