Millington Municipal Schools contracts transportation services to Durham Services. Our goal is to provide safe and efficient transportation to and from school for all students that qualify for transportation.


The Parent Responsibility Zone is 1.5 miles for Elementary Schools and 2.0 miles for Middle and High Schools. If you live within these zones, you are responsible for providing transportation for your student(s).


Below is a list of issues/examples for which you should contact Durham Services main bus lot at 901-383-3808. You can also e-mail Jerry Meggs, our Durham Services general manager, at [email protected]:

  1. Bus is excessively early or late to a designated stop.

  2. Bus completely misses or does not pick up at a stop.

  3. Parent/student is having an issue with a driver.

  4. Bus is picking up/dropping off at the wrong stop.

For routing concerns or any issues that are persistent and you feel are not being addressed in an efficient and timely manner, please contact Phil LeBlanc or Tammy Chandler with the Millington Municipal Schools’ Transportation Department at 901-873-5680.

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